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aerial view of university of arkansas entrance gates university of arkansas ellas table menu InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Exterior InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Second Floor wood table with food dishes InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Front Desk InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Porch view exterior view of the hotel chef pouring maple syrup over pancakes InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Cocktail white bed with black pillow details and white lamp inn at carnall hall and ellas table front porch with two rocking chairs looking over the street 1 front porch with two rocking chairs looking over the street long wooden table with seating area green lawn and a side walk wine pour senior state room with lounge area and a bar with two large windows InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Meeting Space chef plating a fish dish lobby area with white walls InnAtCarnallHall Gallery Bathroom Detail Front porch of hotel University of Arkansas Patio at Inn at Carnall Hall chef drizzling sauce on plate White hallway in hotel with frames hung Inn at Carnall hall sunset University of Arkansas stadium on game day large outdoor wedding on the steps of the front of the hotel man and woman cheering drinks double queen bedroom with white bedsheets Inn at Carnall hall entrance bartender pouring whiskey into crystal rocks glasses Outside of hotel looking over street & American flag king bedroom with two long windows and a desk Fried meat on burger with salad